Strengthening Global Governance Activity and Reaching the SDG Goals

Strengthening the G20

The G20 and the plurilateral leadership within it present a credible focal point to both mobilize global governance actions and to manage global geopolitical tensions so that one facilitates the other.

Strengthening the G20 is a key focal point for the China-West Dialogue, an inclusive dialogue of thought leaders from China, Canada, Chile, Europe, the UK, Japan, Korea, and the United States seeking to define and bring forward alternative frameworks for China-West relations. The G20 serves as an ideal platform that can lead in building trust, cooperation, and in creating a common discourse for tackling some of the world’s most pressing global governance issues. To avoid contributing to toxic China-US bilateral relations, the initiative calls on G20 leaders and senior officials consider:

(1) advancing plurilateral dynamics to generate inclusive and effective global leadership;

(2) the potential mobilizing impact of focusing public and parliamentary attention on month-to-month G20 actions rather than focusing on just the annual two-day summit;

(3) empowering G20 ministers with various portfolios to use the G20 platform to drive global actions and agendas;

(4) following the example of the successful history of G20 ministers of finance since 1997, encouraging   innovation by other G20 ministers to use, strengthen and create institutional support for their global efforts;

(5) selectively include security issues, and foreign ministers, in G20 processes to provide a way to pluralize and multilateralize the management of geopolitical tensions;

(6) charging senior political advisers and Sherpas of G20 countries to connect G20 agendas to public concerns and to prioritize G20 communications for ordinary people; and

(7) creating a G20 secretariat to assure consistency and follow-through to ensure that G20 commitments are fulfilled, and plans implemented.the

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