Host: Alan Alexandroff

The Global Summitry Project offers podcasts that examine and provide perspectives on a variety of subjects related to international politics, law, economics, and history.

The e-journal Global Summitry hosts three podcast series:

Series 1 – Shaking the Global Order: American Foreign Policy in the Age of Trump

This continuing series delved into the issues and problems that impacted global governance and the global order in the era of the Trump Administration. Guests from around the globe joined the host, Alan Alexandroff, in the ‘virtual studio’ to examine Trump Administration trade war with China, his attack on multilateralism and his undermining of American allies.

Series 2 – Shaking the Global Order: American Foreign Policy in the Era of Rising US-China Tensions

This new series raises all the questions with the emergence of Biden’s foreign policy. With guests from around the globe your podcast host Alan Alexandroff discussed responses to the global pandemic, US efforts to revitalize multilateralism and to understand the consequences for the global order with the rising tensions between China and the United States. What does rising competition between the US and China mean for global governance.

3 – Summit Dialogue

The third series is all about global summitry and examines the decision-making and policy development in both the formal and informal international institutions in today’s global order. There is special attention paid to the leader-led summits whether the G7, G20 or the BRICS.

4 – Now

The fourth series focuses on immediate issues of concern in global governance and global order. Again, guests from around the globe focus in with the Global Summitry hosts on breaking issues of concern.