Centennial College Journalism students have contributed to the Global Summitry Project since 2018, including providing media coverage from T20 and G20 Summit meetings in Buenos Aires as well as the Global Solution Summit (GSS) from Berlin.

This program at The Story Arts Centre recognizes that ‘experience is everything’. In partnership with the Global Summitry Project (GSP) Storyworks provides chosen journalism students with ‘bite-sized’ industry experience. These students join GSP in its various global governance initiatives interviewing experts and providing background stories for the ongoing Projects.

Storyworks Interviews 2021

Due to the pandemic, the Storyworks student journalists were unable to travel to any of the targeted Summits. Nevertheless, these journalists were assigned to interview former officials and political figures that have been involved with the China-West Dialogue (CWD) as well as the Agenda 2030 Project. The following interviews are the most recent results of their efforts. A special thanks and shoutout goes to Professor Tim Doyle who heads up the Journalism Storyworks Project at Centennial College and who advised these student journalists. I am sure you will find these interviews revealing and valuable.

Tahreem Fatima – Interview with the Rt. Honourable Paul Martin

Anastasiya Gordiychuk – Interview with Colin Bradford

Arsheen Shamalia – Interview with Susan Thornton

Tianlei Wu – Interview with Senator Jack Austin

China-West Dialogue Interviews 2020

The current stories reflect work undertaken with the GSP as it launched the China-West Dialogue (CWD) Project at Boston University. This includes articles from the. Journalism students at StoryWorks.

Akrit Michael – Profile of Dr. Kerry Brown

Meredith Omstead – Coronavirus is Accelerating the China-West Divide

Meredith Omstead – U.S Scholar says foreign policy with China hasn’t failed


Former Prime Minister Paul Martin is optimistic about the role of indigenous youth in the future but says there is much work

In the world of diplomacy, former U.S. assistant secretary of state, Susan Thornton believes young voices are just as important as the

Jack Austin, a former senator and federal minister of the Liberal Party of Canada who has been committed to building ties between

Colin Bradford was always passionate about making the world a better place, even if it meant working out of the spotlight. He