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Identifying “Impact Hubs” for Agenda 2030 and G7 Commitment to Agenda 2030 “Policy Tags”


K-Pop Group BTS at UN for the Sustainable Development Goals

As identified in this IISD review the Secretary General urged in his focus on the future “… that young people and future generations are “barely represented” in global decision-making. He intends to appoint a special envoy for future generations and upgrade the UN’s youth office. A summit on transforming education is proposed for 2022. A focus on the future also entails future-oriented policymaking, and the UN should create a Futures Lab to better predict policies’ impact over time. In addition, Guterres proposes creating a platform to be readily launched in crises and emergencies and repurposing the Trusteeship Council – which has been suspended since 1994 – as an intergovernmental platform for the interests of succeeding generations.” In line with focus on the future BTS the hugely popular K-Pop group appeared before the UN gave the following remarks.

President Moon Jae-in & BTS present their remarks at the Sustainable Development Goals Moment

BTS performed their song “Permission to Dance” at the UN on September 20, 2021 following their remarks at the SDG moment, calling upon their fans and all others to take action to accomplish the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Saving Agenda 2030: An Interview with Homi Kharas

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