Angel Hsu on Looking toward COP26 and the Global Summits G7 and G20 – A First Look

Hosted by Alan Alexandroff

It was a pleasure to have Angel Hsu back in the Virtual Studio. As I have pointed out there will be a burst of Summits and Global Summits this fall 2021. Many of these summits will tackle various aspects of climate change and the impact on the Anthropocene.

To discuss the issues of climate action I could think of no one better than my colleague, Angel. Today, Angel is an Assistant Professor of Public Policy and the Environment, Ecology and Energy Program (E3P) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is also Founder and Director of the Data-Driven EnviroLab, an interdisciplinary research group that innovates and applies quantitative approaches to pressing environmental issues. The last time we had a chance to sit down was just following the Global Climate Action Summit that took place in San Francisco in September 2018. The EnviroLab had just before the Climate Summit released the first Report: Global Climate Action from cities, regions, and businesses. Since then, two other reports have been prepared.

Angel explores the intersection of science and policy and the use of data-driven approaches to understand environmental sustainability, particularly in the areas of climate change and energy, urbanization and air quality. Angel holds a PhD in Environmental Policy from Yale University, an MPhil in Environmental Policy from the University of Cambridge, and a BS in Biology and BA in Political Science from Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC.

So, join me as I invite Angel Hsu into the Virtual Studio.

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