‘Summit Dialogue’, Ep. 27: An Interview with Colin Bradford on the Consequences of Russia’s War in the Ukraine on Global Summitry especially on the G20

So, it was my pleasure to sit down with my colleague, Colin Bradford in the Virtual Studio to talk about the rising geopolitical tensions in the global order and the evident threats to the continuation of global governance,  especially in the G20. There continues to be sharp relations between China and the United States. These relations have only become more difficult with the conflict between Russia and the Ukraine. How can the Bali G20 Summit proceed with the current determination by Russia’s President Putin to attend the Summit and the US insistence that it cannot be “business as usual”? It imposes real pressure on the G20 host Indonesia with respect to the attendance and the agenda.

In 2004 as a Brookings expert, Colin Bradford was the first person to push for transforming the G8 to G20 at leaders’ level and became a leading convener of conferences, workshops, and seminars to work for international institutional reforms to bring the emerging market economies more fully into the global system. Colin continues to be the Lead Co-chair of the CWD, the China-West Dialogue and a Co-Chair in the V20, Vision20, an unofficial engagement group of the G20, Colin has participated in all the recent Global Solutions Summits out of Berlin and has been named a GSS Global Fellow. Currently, Colin is a Non-resident Senior Fellow of the Global Economy and Development Program, Brookings Institution.

So come join Colin and I as we examine the threat to the roles of the G7 and the G20.

Hosted by Alan Alexandroff

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