Shaking the Global Order, Series 2, Ep. 7: Susan Thornton on the Rising Tensions over Taiwan and on the US-China Rivalry

Hosted by Alan Alexandroff

Susan Thornton was good enough to join me in the Virtual Studio to examine closely the US-China relationship and the rising tensions between the two over Taiwan. The podcast interview was a perfect opportunity to examine more closely with Susan the current Biden foreign policy of ‘competition without catastrophe’ with China and to assess particularly the risks of conflict between the two over Taiwan. Susan brings real knowledge of the current players in the Administration and insights from her many years in the State Department.

Susan was acting Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian Affairs when she retired from the State Department after a 28-year diplomatic career focused primarily on East and Central Asia. Susan worked on China and Korea policy, including stabilizing relations with Taiwan, the U.S.-China Cyber Agreement, the Paris Climate Accord, and she led a successful negotiation in Pyongyang for monitoring of the Agreed Framework on denuclearization

We have been lucky enough in the last several years to have Susan join us, for our China and the West Dialogue (CWD) Project. Susan is currently the Visiting Lecturer in Law at Yale Law School and Senior Fellow at the Paul Tsai China Center there.

Susan has much to say on the current state of relations between China and the US so join us for this insightful podcast.

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