‘Shaking the Global Order’ Series 2, Ep 11: An Interview with Lim Wonhyuk on the Emergence of the Indo-Pacific Strategy with the Biden Administration

So, it was my pleasure to sit down with my colleague, Lim Wonhyuk in the Virtual Studio. Lim Wonhyuk has just recently returned to the Republic of Korea (Korea) after two years of research and teaching at SAIS in Washington D.C. as a Visiting Professor.

Given President Biden visiting the Asia-Pacific region for the first time since becoming President, it seemed opportune to sit down with my colleague Lim Wonhyuk to explore the consequences of the trip and focus more generally on the Biden Administration’s Indo-Pacific strategy.

Lim Wonhyuk is a professor at the KDI School of Public Policy and Management in South Korea most recently has served as Associate Dean, Office of Development Research and International Cooperation, at KDI School.

Lim Wonhyuk recent publications include: Opinion Polarization in Korea (KDI, 2019, edited) and Understanding the Drivers of Trust in Government Institutions in Korea (OECD, 2018, co-edited), Lim Wonhyuk holds a PhD in Economics from Stanford University

So come join us in the virtual studio to examine Biden’s Indo-Pacific strategy including the development of the Quad and the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework and US relations with Korea, and others including China.

Hosted by Alan Alexandroff

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