‘Shaking the Global Order’ Series 2, Ep 10: An Interview with Yves Tiberghien on China’s Dilemma in the face of Russian Aggression in the Ukraine

It was my pleasure to welcome back into Virtual Studio our University of British Columbia (UBC) colleague, Yves Tiberghien. The order of the day was to examine closely China’s position, that is Xi Jinping’s and the Party and Government’s position on Russia. What is the impact of the April 4th partnership and then the Russian aggression against Ukraine? Also, I wanted Yves to describe for us the state relations between the EU and China.

Yves is currently a Professor of Political Science and the Konwakai Chair in Japanese Research at the University of British Columbia. He is also a Distinguished Fellow at the Asia-Pacific Foundation of Canada and the Canadian PAFTAD Chair. We actually are finding Yves in Paris. We found Yves in Paris where he is currently a Visiting Professor at the Paris School of International Affairs.

Join us as we discuss China’s policies on Russia, the EU and the global order.

Hosted by Alan Alexandroff

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