Kori Schake on US Policies in Trade, Korea, and Iran

Hosted by Alan Alexandroff

In this podcast Kori Schake tackles the main elements of the Trump Administration foreign and security policy. With Kori at the helm, we explore Trump’s policies in trade, the Korean peninsula, Iran and generally America’s leadership role – with allies and adversaries – in the liberal international order. Kori has operated close-in to U.S. military and security affairs with stints at the Defense Department, the National Security Council and the State Department during the first term of George W. Bush. She was as well a senior policy advisor to the McCain-Palin campaign in the 2008 Presidential election. Kori has also written insightfully on the US military, in fact with the current Secretary of Defense, Jim Mattis. The book: Warriors and Citizens: American Views of Our Militaryand she is just releasing her latest, Safe Passage; The Transition from British to American Hegemony.

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