James Goldgeier on American Foreign Policy and Trump

Hosted by Alan Alexandroff

The turbulence in the liberal international order continues. And we are pleased to bring a new episode, Ep. 22 of the series, ‘Shaking the Global Order: American Foreign Policy in the Age of Trump’. We were pleased to sit down with James Goldgeier to examine in this latest podcast American foreign policy and the impact of President Trump.

James is a Professor of International relations at the School of International Service at American University. James served as Dean there from 2011 to 2017. James is currently a Visiting Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and at the Library of Congress he is currently the Chair in U.S.-Russia Relations.

James has written a number of studies including: America Between the Wars: from 111/9 to 9/11 co-authored with Derek Chollet; Power and Purpose: U.S. Policy toward Russia after the Cold War co-authored with Michael McFaul; and also And not Whether but When: The U.S. Decision to Enlarge NATO.

Come join us in this next podcast in the series.

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