Podcast: ‘Shaking the Global Order’ – Series 1 and 2

Shaking the Global Order: American Foreign Policy in the Age of Trump – Series 1

Series 1 delved into the issues and problems that impacted global governance and the global order in the era of the Trump Administration. Guests from around the globe joined the host, Alan Alexandroff, in the ‘virtual studio’ to examine Trump Administration trade war with China, his attack on multilateralism and his undermining of American allies.

Shaking the Global Order: Foreign Policy in the Era of Rising US-China Tensions – Series 2

This new series raises now all the questions that arise with the emergence of Biden’s foreign policy. With guests from around the globe your podcast host Alan Alexandroff discusses responses to the global pandemic, US efforts to revitalize multilateralism and to understand the consequences for the global order with the rising tensions between China and the United States. What does rising competition between the US and China mean for global governance?