Podcast: Dissecting the Eurozone crisis – Why we need to stop focusing on austerity and dig deeper

Hermonie Xie looks at the history of the Eurozone, concerns about its structural viability, and the need for systemic reform in the first episode of our new podcast series, Topics in Global Governance.

The Eurozone is once again in the spotlight with a third Greek bailout. Economists, particularly those in the US, have long disputed the viability of a common European currency. Their skepticism seems supported by developments in the Eurozone since the global financial crisis.

This podcast discusses the rationale behind structural critiques of the Eurozone. Zeroing in on Greece, it explains why focusing on austerity will not resolve systemic imbalances.

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In a related podcast, we explore another aspect of the European story by examining the EU immigration crisis.

Music by Ben Sound.

Photo by Chris Goldberg.